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BullEx Australia History

Digital Safety t/as BullEx Australia is the Australasian distributor and service agent for LION Fire Safety Training Tools and since commencing operations in 2006, proudly support over 7,000 clients throughout Australia & New Zealand, with customers ranging from Fire and Emergency Response Services, Defence, Mining and Registered Training Organisations.

Our Australian team have in-depth product knowledge, gained with 14 years of experience, and are ex-Emergency Services members with a combined 70+ years of service.  BullEx Australia has sales and service staff geographically positioned to support and service all states of Australia. Our fire and emergency training systems train more people every year than any other supplier’s systems in Australia and the world.

Chris Chester has been the General Manager of BullEx Australia for 14 years during which time, he has been involved in the development, design, construction and management of complex fire training facilities and systems including:

  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Training College, (GBRIMC) Cairns
  • Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre, (VEMTC) Craigieburn
  • Twelve (12) Country Fire Authority (CFA) Low Structure Mobile Fire Training Pods

LION is the largest provider of training equipment and facilities for first responders and is a world leader in the design and development of multidisciplinary fire training campuses.  VEMTC is arguably Australia’s premier emergency management training college.  BullEx Australia has seen the transition of LION Protects acquiring BullEx Inc. (USA) and HAAGEN (NL).  LION Protects offer a comprehensive product line of firefighter safety products and services which includes turnout gear, fire helmets, fire gloves, StationWear® uniforms and TotalCare® gear cleaning and maintenance.  It was a logical step in growing the global reach to incorporate BullEx Inc. and HAAGEN under the brand name LION.


Fire training facilities and individual props must provide trainers with a variety of simulation paths to attain any one outcome. Therefore, every prop, structure or training system will be capable of providing multiple outcomes, ensuring long term relevance, variety in training and a more enjoyable training experience for fire fighters and trainers alike. Realism and diversity in training build operational awareness in first responders.

Realism is fundamental for us.  Our training systems are designed & constructed to scale simulating every aspect of a fire or emergency response situation – thermal layering; electrical energy, gas/chemical leaks, steam, fire and heat.  BullEx Australia has more recently been involved in the integration of digital technology into hot fire practical learning. This is a particularly new and exciting area, creating realistic simulations and tiered training outcomes which engage an entire team in incident response.

We are passionate about our products and have a genuine desire to provide the best training outcome for ALL clients – whether you are a sole trader or a member of a Government Fire Service.  One of the first questions we will ask is “What are your training outcome needs?”.  With our extensive product knowledge, we then work with you to suggest and present the best product options, that will suit your needs.  We make the assurance that we will work hard in support of your needs from the onset of your enquiry, through the sale and delivery process, and for many years to come with our high after-sales service.  One of the biggest compliments for us is to have customers return with a need to purchase additional systems to accommodate the growth in their business since purchasing our equipment.

We know emergency response. We know training outcomes. We exceed those outcomes – every time