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BullEx customers have, since 2010, been assisted by Finance@Work to purchase their fire fighting training tool needs. Operating Lease/Rental, Lease and Chattel Mortgage options exist with special rates for government acquisitions.

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A fire extinguisher training system can be financed weekly for less than the cost to recharge a fire extinguisher.

Having the right equipment ensures your business operates at the highest level of productivity. By using finance to acquire equipment in most cases, it allows you to achieve an immediate return on investment.

Preserve Your Cash Flow
Put your cash into your business where it can be better used rather than purchasing depreciating equipment. Don’t wait years for your equipment to generate your income, ensure your business has the right tools to deliver the highest levels of productivity.

Get The Equipment You Need Today
By using finance you can acquire the equipment that your business needs, particularly where there is a limit on capital expenditure. Get the equipment that’s right for your business and pay for it over its lifespan.

The finance agreement can be structured to your needs. You may choose to finance over various terms. For example, align the term of your office lease with your finance agreements. Payments may also be structured, monthly, quarterly or annually to suit your requirements.

Tax Advantages and Budgeting
Under a Rental or Operating Lease, monthly payments are 100% tax deductible (provided it is used for 100% business use). Under a Chattel Mortgage you may claim the interest payments and depreciation on the equipment as a deduction. Payments are fixed throughout the term of the agreement making it easy to budget your expenses.