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Smoke Generators for Fire Training, Tough Tools For Serious Training

BullEx Australia’s LION Smoke Generators use smart controls to continuously produce the best and safest smoke possible for fire and emergency services training.  Our smoke machine can be integrated with our fire training props and controlled wirelessly.

Clearance extended to 30th  June 2020. HUGE end of F/Y Clearance up to $1,660 OFF RRP – BE QUICK SALE ENDS 6th June 2020

Our Smoke Liquid is specifically developed to produce dense, thick smoke with extended hang-time and importantly no trace toxins or harmful chemicals.

Absolute control of power, pumps, and output density allows trainers to create different training environments, horizontal or vertical ventilation drills, and helps show the effects of Positive Pressure Ventilation.

  • Enhance your fire extinguisher training courses
  • Create a neutral plane for structure fire training
  • Challenge firefighters to find victims in low visibility during search and rescue or thermal imaging drills.
  • Quickly fill buildings with dense smoke for large area search drills.
  • Create a zero-visibility environment in seconds for mask confidence training.

Advanced sensors and logic controls enable our Smoke Generators to convert 100% of fluid to smoke, consuming less than ½ the fluid of our competitors without any trace whatsoever of residue or burnt particulate.

Our Smoke Generators don’t stop until your training is done.

Featuring our hand-held smoke generator…


Expand your fire training course capabilities to include scenarios in locations without a power supply.  Quickly add smoke to your training building, vehicle extraction training, and remote locations.

This Battery operated smoke generator model weighs just 7.7kg and with a zero heat-up time, is the perfect portable tool to quickly create smoke in any location, with just the push of a button or with your iPhone/iPad. The rechargeable battery will allow 30mins of continuous smoke generation, much longer if used intermittently. Interchange with another battery in the field for uninterrupted training or connect to mains power.

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