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Fire Hose Training Drills

Advancing a charged fire hose line combined with nozzle techniques for defensive or offensive fire fighting requires continual skills maintenance.  BullEx Australia delivers the world’s most advanced digital and live-fire safe, reliable and efficient hose line training resources eliminating skill fade and ensuring a continued fitness for duty.  Training new firefighters and keeping veteran responders up to date with firefighting techniques is an important part of making sure your team is prepared for every call.

>Digital Simulation

The digital Attack system permits hose line fire training in any location you wish to turn into a training environment.  Varied skillsets can be practised using laser fire hose lines or water-charged lines.

>LPG Gas Simulation

Our Live Fire Training Props are available in a range of formats – from structures to mobile and modular fire props and everything in between.  Certified to Australian Standards, delivered with Certified Instructor Training and prompt service support, BullEx Australia gives you the range of LION live-fire props so you can achieve your learning outcomes and training goals.



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Digital Extinguishers

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Digital Accessories

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Advanced Gas Fire Props - Hose Line Training System

Modular Advanced Hose Line Fire Training System

Establishing or upgrading a fire training ground will no longer present safety, reliability and fire training environmental implications for you when delivering a fire training course. Our fully mobile, Advanced Hose Line Fire Training System (HLTS) will achieve all your requirements for a complete fire training centre immediately or progressively for a staged roll-out. [su_spoiler title="Read More"] Safety is assured for your emergency response team with
  • adherence to and certification to Australian Standards,
  • training of your instructors in use, trouble shooting and maintenance,
  • establishment of a risk management plan,
  • liaison with your State or Territory’s regulator and
  • service schedule
Three HLTS components will establish the beginning of a full-intensity propane fuelled fire ground; the Control Console, Pilot Module and Burn Tray. The Control Console permits you to have full control via wired or wireless remote control to safely stop and start training evolutions. The Pilot Module guarantees reliable ignition and sustainment of the fire, provides control of any of our smoke generators or sound effects integrated with optional props. The four individual fire zones of the Burn Tray creates four fire sizes and can be operated simulating fire growth and reduction according to the student’s fire-fighting ability. The portable and interchangeable hose line fire training props will allow you to create a fire training centre on a fixed site or any suitable location. The progressive addition of fire training props will permit your system to grow with your customers' requirements and broadening of your industry fire training scope. [su_youtube url="" title="LION Advanced Hose Line Training System"] [/su_spoiler]

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