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Extend your Fire Training Facility or

Build a New Fire Training Ground

Receive a 10% Voucher, calculated using your purchase price for the Hose Line Training System- Pilot Box, Console and Fire Tray.

Hose Line Training System

Hose Line Training System base components. Safe – Reliable – Realistic – Economical

Receive a 20% Voucher on the Car Fire Prop, Pressure Vessel Prop, BBQ Grill or the Petrol Pump Prop!!!

Car Fire Prop has multiple controllable fire points, pryable bonnet, smoke

Practice vehicle firefighting drills, extrication drills and more.

Petrol pump fire prop, practice service station fire emergencies

Practice incident control, hose laying, hose advancement fire safety training.

BBQ fire prop, multiple controllable fire zones simulate grill fire, perished gas tank hose

Practice, defensive protection fire fighting, incident control, fire hose advancement and more.

Pressure Vessel Fire & HAZMAT Prop,

Practice tank cooling, dual fire team approach to open cover and shut down relief valve fire. Multiple controllable fire zones allows complete instructor control of fire progression.

Use your voucher to purchase anything from our entire Fire Training Solution range!!!  This includes:

Redemption Voucher Value

Product Voucher $Value
(ex GST)
Forced Air Pilot Box $1,750
Fire Tray (fuel spill) $720
Wireless Control Console $1,890
Wired Control Console $1,380
Car Fire Prop $8,800
Pressure Vessel      $3,980
Barbeque Grill $4,398
Petrol Pump $7,740


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