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Firefighting is a physically demanding occupation. Fire and Rescue New South Wales firefighters are prepared for anything – ready to help anyone, anywhere, anytime. You ask, “How do I become a firefighter in NSW?”  Fire and Rescue NSW firefighters undertake a 13-week recruit course involving intensive practical and theoretical subjects. 

The training does not end at the end of the recruit course.  A dedicated group of highly experienced senior instructors is tasked to maintain the high standards expected of permanent and retained firefighters.  This week Fire + Rescue New South Wales purchased five sets of equipment from BullEx Australia including; LION digital ATTACK panels with wirelessly controlled smoke machines, a laser Task Force Tip and laser fire extinguisher, a SmartDummy Rescue Manikin and, an Electricity Cut-Off simulator

BullEx Australia provided the five trailers pictured to carry five sets of the fire training equipment around New South Wales.  The 15 regional instructors were trained to use the new LION equipment at the Fire & Rescue NSW Emergency Services Academy in Orchard Hills.

The new digital fire training equipment will enable the instructors to deliver fire training more often, in more places far more economically.  The digital ATTACK panels can simulate class A, B, C and E fires, wirelessly connect to the smoke generator so smoke is automatically produced relative to the stage of the fire and when the fire is being extinguished the smoke generator produces a steam cooling effect.

When the electrical fire is selected, it produces the sound of electrical arcing and sparking.  Firefighters must always cut the power to a fire zone.  The Electricity Cut-Off prop when activated wirelessly stops the arcing noises and then with the sound stopped, the firefighters audibly hear the area is safe.  The firefighters will then call out checking for victims and the LION SmartDummy will respond back before being rescued.

If the water hose lines cant be used at the training site the laser Task Force Tip connected to a hose line can be used to keep the fire training area dry.

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Fire+Rescue NSW Regional Instructors receive new fire training solutions

Fire and Rescue New South Wales regional instructors receive training to use new fire training equpment

Firefighter training instructor from Fire Rescue NSW with new fire training equpment and trailer