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Advanced Virtual Training Platform

Develop the incident management skills of the first response team leader through to the highest level of the command structure.  Conduct any size of exercise, test your Emergency Management Plan, include other agencies, teach and qualify incident commanders and debrief incidents.

VSTEP’s Response Simulator (RS) is a next-generation Incident Management virtual training platform built in collaboration with safety and security experts. By using state-of-the-art technology RS immerses users in a realistic 3D environment in which almost any scenario can be simulated. This allows training to take place whenever and wherever, bypassing the high costs and dangers associated with practical training.

Use Virtual Reality technology to develop situational awareness, operational strategies and coordination skills for emergency operations and  critical incident scene management.




  • Building situation awareness
  • Emergency decision making
  • Teaching effective use of resources
  • Building a common operational picture
  • Command and control operation
  • Practicing/establishing leadership and control
  • Practicing alternative response strategies
  • Practicing teamwork
  • Test the emergency incident management plan

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