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Last weekend, BullEx Australia had the privilege of attending the grand opening of the “Bob Conran Training Facility” in Dubbo, NSW. This purpose built facility, named after retired Inspector Bob Conran, who played a crucial role in developing local training models, was inaugurated by NSWRFS Assistant Commissioner Paul Seager. The facility, valued at $320,000, will provide comprehensive training for volunteers in Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus (CABA) and Village Firefighting skills. Notably, it will be accessible to all 60 Orana brigades. BullEx Australia is proud to have contributed the cutting-edge LION Digital ATTACK Hoseline and Fire Extinguisher Training Equipment for the facility.


Community Support and Funding:

The funding for this remarkable facility was made possible through the Brigades Donations Fund, which received generous contributions from the community during the 2019/2020 fire season. The overwhelming support demonstrated the community’s deep appreciation for the brave men and women who risk their lives to protect others during emergencies. It is heartening to witness the strong community partnership that exists between the local NSW RFS firefighters and the Orana District.

Innovative Training Equipment:

BullEx Australia’s contribution to the facility includes the innovative LION Digital ATTACK Hoseline and Fire Extinguisher Training Equipment. These cutting-edge tools have been integrated into the simulation house within the facility to enhance practical training experiences. The simulation house allows volunteers to train with up to a 70mm hoseline directly onto the Fire Panels, or Digital Nozzles & weighted hoselines, offering a realistic firefighting environment.

Diverse Training Scenarios and Learning Outcomes:

The training scenarios at the facility are diverse and ensure exceptional learning outcomes for participants. The use of laser technology through Digital Fire Extinguishers and Digital Nozzles, along with weighted hoselines, creates a completely dry training environment. This enables volunteers to gain valuable experience in handling various firefighting situations. Additionally hoselines up to a 70mm from fire trucks can be utilised, further enhancing the authenticity of the training exercises.

Strategic Placement of Digital Panel Fire Points:

To facilitate effective instruction, multiple Digital Panel fire points have been strategically positioned across various simulation rooms within the facility. These panels are wirelessly connected to realistic smoke generation, allowing instructors to demonstrate firefighting techniques to students. The integration of a single seat of fire that progresses across multiple panels adds an extra layer of realism to the training, ensuring that volunteers are well-prepared for real-world firefighting challenges.

The opening of the “Bob Conran Training Facility” marks a significant milestone for the Dubbo NSW RFS Orana District. The purpose built facility, made possible by the generous support of the community, will serve as a training hub for volunteers and firefighters alike. BullEx Australia’s contribution of cutting-edge training equipment adds immense value to the facility, enabling realistic and effective training experiences. This collaborative effort exemplifies the power of community partnerships in enhancing emergency response capabilities. With the new training facility in place, the Orana District is better equipped to prepare its dedicated firefighters for the challenges they may face, ensuring the safety and well-being of the community they serve.