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Digital fire simulation – the future

Digital fire technology, while relatively new in the market, has been used over the past decade in a variety of training structures around the world. Digital technology uses LEDs to recreate flames and their patterns. Thermal sensors detect the application of a fire hose line or a digital hose line. Sound and training smoke add realism to immerse firefighters in the training environment.

Digital technology is well suited for training on initial fire attack, search and rescue, practicing stream patterns, water placement, and hose line management. Digital technology is intended to be a supplement to live-fire training. It is especially useful for training new firefighters. Globally, we find that digital technology is in high demand for departments without the budget for new constructions and for departments in areas with strict environmental restrictions.

Fire Services & Industry Users

The Australian Capital Territory Fire & Rescue, Metropolitan Fire Brigade, NSW Rural Fire Service, Queensland Fire & Emergency Services, and Northern Territory Fire & Rescue and many hundreds of healthcare and commercial businesses have acquired digital fire simulation products from BullEx Australia.

Training Disciplines

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They have used digital fires to simulate training on the fundamentals, advancing hose lines, search and rescue, coordinated fire attack, water application, and nozzle technique among others. They have also used digital fire to add the element of fire to Rapid Intervention Team [RIT] and firefighter survival drills. Forcing firefighters to identify and confine the fire during the drills adds another level of realism and requires firefighters to not lose sight of the fact that these critical operations are happening within an active structure fire.

Fire Course Planning

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Employing new types of construction or new digital fire simulation technology, thinking ahead will help position your training structure for enduring success. By incorporating the latest technology and techniques, you’ll be enhancing the skills of your current and future firefighters, and preparing them to protect your community for years to come.

The potential risk of injury is so much lower with the digital systems. It has really changed the way fire training can be presented to the public and to firefighters.

BullsEye Digital Extinguisher Training

Realistic, hands-on fire extinguisher training

The BullsEye digital fire extinguisher training panel, with integrated sound, scenario customisation and record-keeping is the most dynamic and realistic fire extinguisher training tool on the market.

Train countless individuals without the cost or mess of actual extinguishers.


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Digital ATTACK™ Panel

Smoke and flames where live fire isn’t possible

The Digital ATTACK™ Panel combines digital flames, sound and smoke to create a range of fire conditions that respond directly to hose line and extinguisher application.  Train with a seat of fire in acquired or other locations where live fire isn’t possible or practical.

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ATTACK™ Trainers Package

The ATTACK™ Trainers Package offers the ultimate combination for training scenarios, whether wet or dry. It integrates digital flames, sound, and smoke to simulate various fire conditions, dynamically responding to hose line or extinguisher application.

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