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BullsEye Digital Extinguisher Training

Realistic, hands-on fire extinguisher training

The BullsEye digital fire extinguisher training panel, with integrated sound, scenario customisation and record-keeping is the most dynamic and realistic fire extinguisher training tool on the market.

Train countless individuals without the cost or mess of actual extinguishers.


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Laser Fire Extinguisher

Uses a conical laser to replicate extinguisher discharge, rather than depending on a dry-chemical or CO2 extinguisher, making it a cleaner way to train.

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RACE Station

Reinforce the RACE method and ensure staff know what action to take to raise the fire alarm and communicate the correct message to emergency services.

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Misty Blindmask

Practice your workplace emergency evacuation plan in a smoke-filled environment – without the smoke.  Teach trainees how to orientate themselves in low visibility fire environment, stay calm, find exits, keep low and survive.

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ATTACK Digital Hose Training

Smoke and flames where live fire isn’t possible

The Attack Digital Fire Training System combines digital flames, sound and smoke to create a range of fire conditions that respond directly to hose line and extinguisher application.  Train with a seat of fire in acquired or other locations where live fire isn’t possible or practical.

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Electric Cut-Off

Complete one of the most important elements of workplace fire extinguisher training, making the scene safe and eliminating the risk of electrocution.

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Fire Trainer

The Fire Trainer is a compact Fire Tray with an impressive output. Use it as a standalone or add the optional grid to place different props and vary training scenarios.

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Intelligent Training System (ITS)

The Intelligent Training System senses where the trainee aims and sweeps the SmartExtinguisher and varies the flames automatically, putting the fire out only when the extinguisher is used correctly. The SmartExtinguishers are recharged quickly and easily with only compressed air and water.

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ITS Xtreme

The ITS Xtreme is the ITS with props to enhance the fire extinguisher training experience with specific scenarios.

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Smart Extinguishers™

SmartExtinguishers are LION adapted extinguishers that are field rechargeable with air/water.  Eliminates extinguisher recharge costs and the need to clean up dry chemical mess.  Promotes correct extinguisher operation technique.

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SG1000 Smoke Generator

The BullEx Australia range of LION smoke machines has expanded to include a portable smoke generator that’s ideal for workplace safety training.

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