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Take emergency and incident management training out of the classroom and into the field with the suite of BullEx Australia’s HazMat training props.  Set up critical incident training scenarios in work areas, chemical storage facilities and near HVAC equipment where hazardous material dangers would actually occur.

HazMat Training Unit

This innovative unit facilitates training in hazardous scenarios such as chemical spills, liquid spills, vapor leaks, flange fires, and more, adaptable to virtually any location. Instructors possess the flexibility to choose training scenarios and dynamically adjust the complexity and intensity of leaks and fires during drills, providing an ever-evolving challenge for trainees.

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Gas Trainer

Gas Test Atmosphere Course Training Tools
Gas detection training & HazMat response training is now hands-on. Give your trainees hands-on Hazmat response training without the danger.


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GHS Magnetic Labels

HAZMAT – GHS Label Pack

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