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Modular Advanced Hose Line Fire Training System

Establishing or upgrading a fire training ground will no longer present safety, reliability and fire training environmental implications for you when delivering a fire training course.

Our fully mobile, Advanced Hose Line Fire Training System (HLTS) will achieve all your requirements for a complete fire training centre immediately or progressively for a staged roll-out.

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Safety is assured for your emergency response team with

  • adherence to and certification to Australian Standards,
  • training of your instructors in use, trouble shooting and maintenance,
  • establishment of a risk management plan,
  • liaison with your State or Territory’s regulator and
  • service schedule

Three HLTS components will establish the beginning of a full-intensity propane fuelled fire ground; the Control Console, Pilot Module and Burn Tray. The Control Console permits you to have full control via wired or wireless remote control to safely stop and start training evolutions.

The Pilot Module guarantees reliable ignition and sustainment of the fire, provides control of any of our smoke generators or sound effects integrated with optional props. The four individual fire zones of the Burn Tray creates four fire sizes and can be operated simulating fire growth and reduction according to the student’s fire-fighting ability.

The portable and interchangeable hose line fire training props will allow you to create a fire training centre on a fixed site or any suitable location. The progressive addition of fire training props will permit your system to grow with your customers’ requirements and broadening of your industry fire training scope.

Car Fire Prop

The Hose Line Training System (HLTS) Vehicle Car Fire Prop has multiple burn zones with adjustable flame intensity to keep firefighters engaged.  Not all vehicle fires are the same – ignite different parts of the vehicle car prop to teach firefighters various techniques.

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Helicopter Fire Prop

The Hose Line Training System (HLTS) Blackhawk Helicopter Prop allows you to take your Crash Fire-Rescue Training to the next level.  The instructor has the ability to change the seat of the fire with multiple burn zones, keeping firefighters interested and engaged, whilst enhancing skill development – not all helicopter fires are the same.

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Aircraft Wing Fire Prop

The Hose Line Training System (HLTS) Aircraft Wing Prop simulates a starboard commercial airliner wing, similar to a twin-engine Airbus A320 or Boeing 737.  Multiple burn zones with an aircraft engine, landing gear, wing and fuel spill will provide eight fire scenarios.   This Prop has continued to impressively perform for a New Zealand International Airport since September 2012.

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Pressure Vessel Fire Prop

The Hose Line Training System (HLTS) Pressure Vessel Prop – Hazard response training has never been more realistic with the simulated 1,000L, heavy-duty, portable Pressure Vessel Training Prop, combining intense flames, real heat and smart controls.  Integrated burners create multiple burn zones that can be controlled by the instructor, achieving several outstanding training outcomes.

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LPG Cylinder Fire Prop

The Hose Line Training System (HLTS) LPG Twin Cylinders 45kg Prop utilizes two actual 45Kg propane tanks, mounted on a frame, sitting on top of the HLTS Tray.  LPG hoses from the pilot box are connected to each tank creating a shut-off valve and relief valve fire simulation.  The tray creates a fire below the tanks impacting them and creating the risk of a BLEVE

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Commercial Oven Fire Prop

The Hose Line Training System (HLTS) Commercial Oven Modular Prop simulates a large commercial, stand-alone stovetop/oven fire situation with integrated burn zones creating a realistic and significant Class F fire.  The main burner generates high-intensity flames and the optional integrated operating gas isolation valve to the stove-top burner enables firefighters to advance hose and protection lines and isolate the gas supply.

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Wheelie Bin Fire Prop

The Hoseline Training System (HLTS) Wheelie Bin Modular Prop is modelled on a “Sulo” brand Council Wheelie Bin, which has an opening lid and a localised bin fire from a single burner.

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Industrial Dumpster Fire Prop

The Hose Line Training System (HLTS) Industrial Dumpster Modular Prop with multiple burn-zones and a working hinged lid is ideal for firefighters to train on everyday items that could easily ignite a fire, such as a large garbage container fire.

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Electric Motor Fire Prop

The Hose Line Training System (HLTS) Electric Motor Modular Prop with multiple burn-zones can create electrical fire scenarios, from incipient stage motor fires to fully involved fires with extension to surrounding materials.

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Storage Cabinet Fire Prop

The Hose Line Training System (HLTS) Storage Cabinet Prop is designed to allow the instructor to create multiple scenarios, from a HazMat emergency, if used as a Class B industrial paint /flammable liquid locker fire, simulating a HazMat emergency, through to a storage cabinet, a firefighter is likely to encounter in a Structure Fire.

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BBQ Fire Prop

The Hose Line Training System (HLTS) BBQ Grill Prop uses multiple burn-zones and can create fire scenarios from a faulty regulator on the propane tank to fully involved fires, with extension to a large fire in and around the steel hood.

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