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Intensify your students’ anxiety through the lifelike features of our interactive SmartDummy Rescue Mannequin collection.

Whether it’s Thermal SmartDummies designed for Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) training, Search and Rescue simulations, or extrication scenarios, our comprehensive SmartDummy range has all your training needs covered.

Rescue SmartDummy

The Rescue SmartDummy allows you to create realistic and challenging Search & Rescue exercises.

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Extrication SmartDummy

The Extrication SmartDummy™ can be used to simulate a variety of serious bodily injuries including a severed arm or leg and torso impalement.

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Thermal Manikin

Search & Rescue Training with a LION Thermal Manikin has never been more realistic.  Simulated body heat is generated by the SmartDummy Thermal which is detectable by a Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC).  The mannequin is able to heat 10-20°C above ambient room temperature, through the use of embedded heat emitters combined with innovative heat diffusion technology, recreating a real heat signature.

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