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Smoke generators for fire training

Create smoke-filled training environments without exposing trainees to harmful chemicals. Our line of smoke generators, manufactured by LION (formally BullEx Inc & Haagen) has been specifically designed for firefighter training – they have NOT been created for use in theatrical or theft prevention applications.

Training opportunities


Whether you need to create realistic search and rescue training, horizontal or vertical ventilation operations, thermal imaging, mask confidence training drills or first attack fire extinguisher training, we have a reliable smoke generator for you that’s built to handle the toughest training scenario. All our smoke generators have the ability to connect to smoke ducting.  Creating a highly desirable thermal plane for training exercises is achievable with our smoke generators.

Smart controls


Smart Controls allow instructors to pre-set run, pause and start times. The single type of smoke liquid permits the instructor to easily select the smoke density from 5% wispy smoke to 100% zero visibility.

Optimal smoke production


All smoke machines create smoke by pumping smoke liquid through heaters.  With other brands heat energy is transferred from the heaters to the smoke liquid, the heaters inevitably cool down. Once below a certain temperature smoke can no longer be generated, which is why smoke machines not designed for fire training need time to reheat and recharge between discharges. To extend operating time, these smoke machines often start at a higher-than optimal temperature, resulting in burnt particles. As smoke is generated, the heater temperature falls through the optimal range to below optimal resulting in “wet” smoke that leaves a residue. The smoke liquid is then cut off to give the heaters time to recover.

BullEx Australia Smoke Generators are different. Instead of a constant flow of smoke liquid and a wide range of heater temperatures, LION smoke Generators control the amount of liquid delivered to the heaters to precisely balance the heat transfer, ensuring a constant temperature and a constant supply of high-quality “dry” smoke. This balance is achieved through advanced sensors and controls utilized by LION Smoke Generators. This technology not only provides a continuous supply of smoke but also ensures the highest quality smoke possible with minimal burnt or un-vaporized particles. By closely controlling smoke production and smoke liquid consumption, LION Smoke Generators achieve higher efficiency for reduced operating costs.

Safe smoke exposure


Our mission is to keep firefighters and instructors safe and healthy during training. To do this, we specially designed our smoke liquid so that it produces virtually no traces of toxins or harmful chemicals. You and your trainees can get the most from your training without all the health risks.  View the Smoke Liquid product page for more detailed information.

Regardless of the density of smoke required ALL of our smoke generators use the ONE competitively priced smoke fluid type and cleaning fluid run-through is only required once a year – that is the only maintenance required!

Misty Blindmask

Practice your workplace emergency evacuation plan in a smoke-filled environment – without the smoke.  Teach trainees how to orientate themselves in low visibility fire environment, stay calm, find exits, keep low and survive.

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SG1000 Smoke Generator

This Battery or mains operated smoke generator model weighs just 7.7kg and with a zero heat-up time, is the perfect portable tool to quickly create smoke in any location, with just the push of a button.

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SG4000 Smoke Generator

The SG4000™ is a heavy-duty, portable smoke generator developed to create high-quality smoke for fire and emergency service training scenarios. Smoke production to ZERO visibility at 1 metre, the output is up to 630 m3/min and the smoke machine’s weight is 18.4kg.

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Smoke Liquid

LION & BullEx Australia’s specially designed smoke liquid produces virtually no traces of toxins or harmful chemicals. You and your trainees can get the most from your training without all the health risks.

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