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>Shaping the Future of Simulation with VSTEP

Virtual reality [VR] is a computer-generated 3D simulation training experience which immerses the student into a scenario viewed on screens or a VR headset or on a large set-up representing the real world. The headset allows the student to look about themselves, up, down, left, and right. Through simulation and virtual training, the student is provided the opportunity to role play in relatable and realistic scenarios not previously experienced. Alternatively, identified faults in real life situations can be recreated into a controlled revision scenario.

VR training can be complex or simple, involve face to face group training or it can be an entirely self-contained virtual training course. New procedures or equipment introduced to an organisation often requires staff re-training which can be delivered through virtual training. The virtual training can be taken to remote students instead of them traveling for instruction. VR simulation training will ensure consistency so that all staff are delivered the same training throughout an organisation and across multiple worksites.

This immersive simulation training medium permits dangerous, and hazardous or routine activities to be experienced in a totally safe manner.  Emergency decision making skills can be enhanced through repeated exposure to real world situations simulated by virtual reality such as fires, hazardous material spills, and public disorder situations without the actual risks.

Virtual reality training can include a variety of scenario pathways to increase the urgency and pace of critical incidents which allows instructors to monitor the decisiveness and abilities of trainee Incident Commanders without them being exposed to real threats or complications.

>Advantages of virtual reality training

  • Little/no risk.
  • Safe, controlled area.
  • Realistic scenarios.
  • Can be done remotely saving time and money.
  • Improves retention and recall.
  • Simplifies complex problems/situations.
  • Suitable for different learning styles.
  • Innovative and enjoyable.

Nautis Maritime Simulator

Nautis Maritime Simulator software contains the digital educational course content to train and examine students up to and including those qualifying as ships’ captains.

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Response Simulator

Response Simulator is an advanced virtual training platform for safety and security professionals.  Simple and easy to use creation tools enable users to develop detailed custom scenarios.

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