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Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting response training has never been more realistic for responders to learn the correct approach and attack techniques.  Several fires can be operated individually or in combination to change the seat of the fire as not all aircraft wing fires are the same.  Intensify your ARFF Fire Rescue Training incorporating intense flames and heat with LION rescue manikins to simulate how trainees would respond to an aircraft fire.

>Realistic SMoke

By adding heat-shielded optional smoke generators to create visibility restriction, at various stages of the progression, you’ve quickly created various very realistic scenarios.  Smoke can precede the eruption of fire in the wheel, such as the hot brake scenario or can be used following the extinguishing of the fire in order to obscure visibility and enhance the realism of the situation.

Tough build features extend the life of your prop, allowing long-duration, heavy fire exercises for at least 10 years.

>ARFF Training Scenarios

The Aircraft Wing, Engine and Landing Gear fire trainer includes numerous elements –

  • Landing Gear Fire with multiple fire points simulating fire growth.
  • Engine Prop with multiple fire points simulating fire growth.
  • Opening nacelle hatch to internal fire
  • Wing aileron, simulating landed position.
  • Mock wheels and landing gear assembly
  • Integrated brake assembly fire, burning between the wheels –
  • Wheel fire with three (3) flame intensity settings including extension up to the wing
  • Integrated Cooling System.
  • Optional Smoke Effects
  • Optional wireless remote operation
  • Optional pilot box and dual Control Console for Refuelling Spill Fire

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