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ATTACK™ Trainers Package

The ATTACK™ Trainers Package represents the pinnacle of augmented reality fire training. It integrates digital flames, sound, and smoke to generate lifelike simulated fire scenarios that dynamically react to hose line and extinguisher application. effectively practice firefighting skills in situations where live fire is not possible or practical, utilise a digital laser branch or even a 70mm actual hose line. The ATTACK™ Trainers Package is capable of replicating A, B, C, and E class fires and offers a range of difficulty levels, from an easily manageable level 1 to an intense level 10 that poses an extinguishing challenge.

Train new firefighters on fundamentals before introducing them to live fire and change up training scenarios to challenge veteran firefighters as the ATTACK™ panel is tough enough to handle any hose line in your service.  The watertight panel’s integrated thermal sensors detect water application and the fire and smoke respond automatically.  Smoke output is tied to the size of the fire and the time since ignition. Once the fire is started, it will grow and extend to additional panels while producing realistic volumes of smoke.

> The ATTACK™ Trainers Package includes:

  • ATTACK™ Digital Panel
  • Industrial Remote – signal follows contours and allows control with a gloved hand and can be clipped to turnout gear for easy access.
  • Transport Case for ATTACK™ Digital Panel
  • Weighted Base required for real hose line training
  • Weighted Base transport bag
  • ATTACK™ Smoke Box that allows for training in wet environments and wireless linking to your ATTACK™ Panel
  • SG4000 Smoke Generator
  • 20L Smoke fluid

> Features include:

  • Action any hose line up 70mm, Digital Task Force Tip, Laser Extinguishers, regular water extinguishers or regular hose lines,
  • Safe, controlled, realistic and reliable hose line drills,
  • Fully portable and quick set up times,
  • Repeated evolutions that can be easily changed,
  • 10 difficulty level settings with 4 Fire Class options,
  • Simulates accurate fire growth and behaviour,
  • Customisable, realistic, automatic smoke generation when linked the the SG4000.


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