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BullsEye Digital Extinguisher Training

You will be impressed with the workplace digital extinguisher training outcomes that can be achieved by creating the stressful environment of a “live fire” within the indoor work environment, where students are likely to experience a real fire emergency.

Patented Features


>Interactive Extinguishers

LION Air/Water SmartExtinguishers® or laser extinguishers interact with sensors embedded in the panel.  The BullsEye system’s sensors detect where the student is standing and the effectiveness of the sweeping method.

>Extinguisher Sensing Control System 

Varies flames automatically based on SmartExtinguisher or BullsEye extinguisher input.

> Accurately simulates A, B, C & E fire classes.

Combustible materials, flammable liquids, flammable gas &  electrical fire class characteristics, all with respective sounds.

> Fuel Source Isolation

Fuel source isolation on Class C & Class E fires requiring the students to nominally “turn off” the gas supply or “unplug” the toaster prior to extinguishing the fire. Without isolating the fuel source the flames can be knocked down but will not extinguish.

> Difficulty level settings

Create challenging fires from level 0 through 10 to match the training outcomes you require

> Custom training scenarios

Built-in scenarios and free self-scenario programming

> Electronic training records

Permanent student record retention and export copies via USB

Integrate with Enhanced Fire Simulation add-ons

The BullsEye™ is a Digital Fire Extinguisher Training System where the user aims with a laser‐driven extinguisher on dynamically varying LED flames.,,The LED-driven digital flames and a laser training extinguisher provide a dynamic and realistic simulation for trainees while eliminating the hazards associated with conventional fire extinguisher training and making it easy to perform multiple trainings.

The BullsEye has its own internal WiFi allowing it to link to Add-On Lion Fire Training Products.

Instructors can allow trainees to repeatedly practise technique whilst assessing their ability to make correct decisions. Allow your students to discover the simulated fire, support them to stay calm whilst sounding the alarm and calling for back up help. If their decision is to fight the fire, the correct simulated extinguisher must be selected, otherwise, they will not be successful, just as is the case in a real situation.
The trainee will then practice the “PASS” technique:
Pull” the pin, breaking the tamper seal,
Aim” correctly at the base of the fire, whilst standing at a safe distance, before
Squeezing” the action lever and
Sweeping” nozzle of the extinguisher.

All these factors will be assessed during each training evolution automatically through the sophistication of the BullsEye system’s technology. Flames on the digital screen will respond to the fire attack & may diminish, but they will not successfully extinguish the fire unless all steps are correct. Instructors can adjust the settings to achieve the training outcomes desired with a selection of fire classes (A, B, C, & E ) and level of difficulty.

For some great information from NSW Fire & Safety please click here.

The BullsEye digital panel will respond to a laser infrared extinguisher or a pressurised air and water “SmartExtinguisher”. Our training SmartExtinguishers can replicate a CO2, DCP, foam or water extinguisher. Imagine the realism of hearing fire sounds and the emission of wirelessly connected smoke, automatically generated or controlled manually.

Fire extinguisher training indoors with SmartExtinguisher

SmartExtinguisher deployment

Countless individuals can be trained virtually anywhere, indoors or out. Using the conical laser to replicate an expensive CO2 extinguisher or a messy, dry chemical (DCP), it is a clean environmentally friendly way to train whilst eliminating the hazards associated with antiquated, conventional fire extinguisher training.

Built-in scenarios and free scenario programming. Real-time feedback and individual user performance records.

Built-in scenarios and free scenario programming. Real-time feedback and individual user performance records.

The integrated training record system allows for data to be easily exported via USB for printing certificates of attendance and proficiency and secure company OHS record retention.

Acquisition Options


Although CapEx is the preferred method of purchasing fire training tools, private, corporate and government customers regularly finance their equipment.   A BullsEye system can be financed for a little over $100 per week.

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