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Carbonaceous Fire Trainer (CFT)

Training in carbonaceous fire behavior is crucial for every firefighter. It is imperative to grasp the progression of a fire from its initial stages to a fully developed and ventilated state, enabling firefighters to respond effectively. The CFT is crafted to provide trainees with hands-on experience and instruction in dealing with various fire phenomena, including rollovers and burning fire gases. The unit’s design is tailored to facilitate training in approaching fires, mastering fire hose handling and advancement techniques, and practicing fire gas cooling procedures.

The CFT provides two different solutions: the traditional wood-based CFT training system or our CFT  Hybrid fire technology using wood and gas to power your fire training with assisted gas ignition and a water deluge system.

Training applications –

  • Hoseline training,
  • Flashover demonstration,
  • Search & Rescue,
  • BA training,
  • Thermal Imaging Camera(TIC) training,
  • Compartment Fire Behaviour Training (CFBT),
  • Ventilation techniques.

Link to CFT/Hybrid on pages 44-45 & 46-47

CFT Simulators-

  1. Wood based Fire Crib
  2. Wood based Fire crib with Gas Ignition (CFT Hybrid only)

Integrated Safety Features

    • Thermocouples for temperature detection

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