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Simulates fire extinguisher behaviour.  Allows fire training indoors.

LION technicians adapt stainless steel Amerex brand fire extinguishers, complementing them with a 3R conical laser and extinguisher discharge sound.  The laser-driven extinguisher simulates the behaviour of an actual extinguisher.

Each laser extinguisher can be used over 350 times before it needs to be charged via a powerpoint for 80 minutes.  This repetitive use, at no cost, is a significant saving of many tens of thousands of dollars over the laser extinguisher’s life and allows the student to properly learn to use the extinguisher from selecting, operating the PASS technique and learning how long it actually lasts!

The digital fires of the BullsEye or ATTACK system will vary depending on the fire fighting response.  The systems’ sensors detect where the student is standing and the effectiveness of the sweeping method.

Don’t depend on a dry-chemical or CO2 extinguisher, this system leaves no mess to clean up.

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