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Live fire training made safe, clean & effective

If your objective is to provide fire extinguisher practical training using live fire with regular extinguishers, then the Fire Trainer is the solution.  The moderately priced Fire Trainer is a safe, cost-effective, reliable gas fire training system that delivers an intense heat with high flame output.

Each training evolution is controlled via a wired remote removing the unsafe practice of needing to manually turn off the gas supply at the bottle.  It’s no longer acceptable to be burning uncontrolled wet fuel in a pan or directing an extinguisher into a garden for the training you deliver.

>Fire Trainer system features

The Fire Trainer System has been developed to practise and train with the use of real extinguishers to extinguish a simulated liquid fire.  It uses propane gas and is ignited by means of an electric spark ignition.  The compact tray (116x80x20cm) delivers an impressive fire that allows repeatable, high repetition scenarios to be created, due to the water bath cooling system.  The Fire Trainer is portable, easy to set up and to use: after connection, press the button and start training.  At the completion of training pack-up is a breeze without a messy clean-up required.  The Fire trainer can be extinguisher with most common extinguishing agents.

*Disclaimer: using powder as an extinguishing agent is possible, but will reduce the lifespan of the product due to its corrosive effect. 

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