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Live Fire Training

The Fire Tray, which forms the basis of the Hose Line Training System (HLTS) – is designed to optimise firefighter training. The Fire Tray boasts four distinct burn zones, each offering different  flame intensity to ensure constant firefighter engagement. Whether you choose to ignite all four burners simultaneously or activate them individually, this system opens the door to a wide array of training scenarios. Experience authentic heat and witness flames that intensify, expand, and recede, providing an immersive learning environment like never before.

How it works

Requires Control Console & Pilot Box for operation –

  1. Water in the Fire Tray makes sure that the propane flow is evenly distributed for realistic fire,
  2. Copper propane tubes contain orifice fittings that regulate the flow and turn the liquid propane into vapour,
  3. The now gaseous propane flows out of holes in the submerged copper tubing and rises to the surface of the water,
  4. By releasing the gas under the water surface a larger volume of flames is created upon ignition.
  5. The water also cools both the tray and the conduits, thereby maintaining their shape for years of training evolutions.


  • Contains four copper burn zones which can be ignited individually or collectively.
  • Dimensions: Approx.1830 x 1220 mm.

Use the Fire Tray as a stand alone piece of Hose Line Training equipment, or plug and play with our extensive range of live fire props, such as the Car Prop or LPG Cylinders. 

See more about the Fire Tray on pages 30-21 of LIONs Large Props catalogue. 

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