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The HLTS Fire Tray is essential to the operation of several other props such as the Car Fire Prop to create zones of fire below the prop and to create fuel spill fire scenarios to complement fuel spill critical props such as aircraft props.  Once you own the HLTS simply add any of the modular fire training props to expand your training arsenal.

The system has been engineered for training with a range of equipment including hose reels and hand lines, CO2 and water extinguishers.

An optional Fresh-Air Ventilation System will allow use of DCP and Wet Chemical type extinguishers and flight line extinguishers up to 70Kg capacity.


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Maximum burner outputs @700kPa 3.6Gj per Hour
  • Four (4) separate burn zones
  • Hose line or Extinguisher training suitability

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