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Gas Fire Training Unit (GFT)

The GFT is specifically designed to train first-responders and firefighters. Eight propane fuelled fire props and smoke generation are built into this 40’ high cube shipping container, creating dozens of different and realistic emergency response training scenarios. This type of combination Gas Fired Training Unit allows firefighters to train as a team, employing different hose line techniques, entry and advancement procedures. Trainers have the option of initiating a rollover, sending fire down the entire length of the training space in a completely controlled and safe environment.

Training applications –

  • Hoseline training
  • Extinguisher Training
  • Search & Rescue
  • Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) training
  • Fire Gas Cooling
  • Breathing Apparatus (BA) training
  • Fire hose handling and advancement techniques
  • Plus many many more

Link to GFT on pages 30-31

Fire Simulators –

  1. Bed simulator,
  2. Shelf simulator,
  3. Flat screen simulator,
  4. Electrical cabinet simulator,
  5. Kitchen simulator,
  6. Trash Can simulator,
  7. Furniture fire,
  8. Rollover fire.

Plus SG4000 Smoke Generator

Integrated Safety Features

  • Emergency stop system (E-stops)
  • Thermocouples for temperature detection
  • Gas Detection System
  • Audible-Visual Alarm
  • Optional: Thermal cameras

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