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HazMat Training Unit

LION & BullEx Australia have collaborated closely with emergency services, recognising how imperative it is for Emergency Services to undergo HazMat training in a controlled yet realistic setting. The HazMat Training Unit emerges as a pivotal solution, offering a diverse range of hands-on, repeatable exercises focused on chemical and industrial emergency response training.

This innovative unit facilitates training in hazardous scenarios such as chemical spills, liquid spills, vapor leaks, flange fires, and more, adaptable to virtually any location. Instructors possess the flexibility to choose training scenarios and dynamically adjust the complexity and intensity of leaks and fires during drills, providing an ever-evolving challenge for trainees.

Training applications –

  • HazMat PPE Training
  • HazMat approach
  • Damage control
  • Spill Fires
  • Pipe leakage
  • Flange fires
  • Tank leaks
  • Workable pressure relief valve

Simulators –

  1. Three (3) fixed simulators including – Spill Fire, Flange Fire & Pressure relief valve.
  2. Four (4) water leakages
  3. Two (2) vapour/smoke leakages

The primary goal is to transcend traditional classroom-based learning, taking HazMat training directly into the field. In essence, the HazMat Training Unit ensures that staff are not only equipped with theoretical knowledge but also gain practical, hands-on experience in handling diverse hazardous situations.

“Take HazMat Training out of the classroom and into the field”

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