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Hazmat response simulation

Now you can conduct more realistic and safe gas test atmosphere and hazardous incident training exercises with the Gas Trainer, Leaking Cylinder and Hazard GHS Labels. You will be able to eliminate the “notional” gas readings once given to students for LEL, CO, O2, and H2S with actual live readings.

Hands-on emergency spill response training using the Gas Trainer permits comprehensive gas monitoring and response training for fire agencies, mines rescue crews, emergency response teams and plant maintenance staff.

>Hazardous environment simulation

The Gas Trainer uses electronic beacons and sensor technology to simulate chemical and explosive gas emission sources. Your student’s handheld gas detector reads the electronic emissions of four different “gasses” from the beacons that simulate gas sources set up in their actual work environment. You will monitor what the student sees with the instructor’s gas meter and can manipulate the readings on the student unit remotely to alter the event dynamics real-time.

Lower and higher alarm limits are adjustable, and a detachable probe allows your trainees to practice on spot measurements and the source of the leak.

>Training Opportunities

• Simulation of chemical and explosive gas emission sources,
• Teaching students how different gasses behave,
• Teaching risk assessment, locate the source and effect a proper emergency response action,
• Simulation of realistic chemical spills.

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