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Live fire training made safe, clean & effective

If your objective is to provide fire extinguisher practical training using live-fire, then the Intelligent Training System (ITS) is definitely the tool to use. The only system of its kind globally, the ITS is cost-effective, reliable, and is tiers above the safety level of any other gas generated fire training system with five redundancy safety features.

You don’t want to be burning uncontrolled wet fuel in a pan or directing an extinguisher into a garden for the training you deliver. Neither is a dumb gas fire, that an instructor manually turns off, a viable test of the trainee’s skills.

>Intelligent training system features

The ITS is designed to ensure trainees learn the correct fire attack techniques when presented with the computer-simulated gas-fuelled Class A, B, C and E fires.

Fire Class and fire difficulty levels can be adjusted to achieve your learning outcomes. Set the difficulty so that multiple trainees need to work together to extinguish the fire or maybe your focus is on escaping if the fire attack is unsuccessful. The ITS will perform as you need to achieve your fire training objectives.

With no thermal output under the fire tray, the ITS can be placed at bench height for safe fire blanket training or using an extinguisher at height.

Props can be added to the ITS to add realism and student’s threat assessment see ITS Xtreme

>Eliminate extinguisher recharge costs

Years of R&D research led to the unique ITS flame response system. Although CO2 fire extinguishers can be used, we have adapted real extinguishers for training that discharge 800ml of atomised water per firefight, resembling a DCP or CO2 discharge. Sensors on the ITS determine where the trainee directs the compressed air/water rechargeable SmartExtinguisher and the flame is automatically varied in response providing a realistic and safe experience.

Operate as part of an emergency control organisation

Highly Economical

Organisations have documented first response fire extinguisher training savings of up to 97%. The quick recharge of the SmartExtinguishers and reduced clean-up time means far more people can be trained in less time.

Jet Star flight crew fire training


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