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Live Fire extinguisher training system

ITS Xtreme’s flame response system determines where the trainee aims and sweeps the compressed air/water SmartExtinguisher and automatically varies the flames in response, providing a realistic and safe training experience.

With intelligent props and multiple class of fire and difficulty settings, it is now possible to provide countless training scenarios without the cost and cleanup associated with dry chemical or CO2 extinguishers.

>Fire Props

Class A, B, F or C fires can be selected at four different difficulty levels and props can be used to create realistic flame patterns, further enhancing the training experience.  Propane-fed flames, intelligent props, as well as the class of fire and difficulty level settings, make ITS Xtreme the world’s most advanced live fire extinguisher training system.

>enhanCed flame

The I.T.S. Xtreme training system generates larger, more intense flames, allowing trainees to really feel the heat, enhancing the realism of the training experience.

>flare-up feature

The I.T.S. Xtreme training system has a flare-up button which can be pressed to reignite the flames at any time to further challenge trainees.

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