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Nautis Maritime Simulator

Nautis Maritime Simulator software contains the digital educational course content to train and examine students up to and including those qualifying as ships’ captains.  Users are immersed into safe and controlled situations where students can gain the skills to safely navigate and effectively respond to emergency situations.  A new feature of the self-learning technique, commonly utilised throughout maritime simulation training, is the introduction of haptic feedback technology.  VSTEP is working in partnership with Smart-Ship to introduce haptic feedback to its simulators.  The benefit will be to transfer crucial information to maritime operators through force and vibrations during complex operations.

To ensure the student is immersed in the scenario the software content consists of photo-realistic objects and environments.  The software is so flexible that it supports an open interface to connect with other equipment, models, and software.  So, there is a high chance that any system you may be using can be enhanced with the Nautis maritime simulation from V-STEP.

Standards Of Training Certification & Watch Keeping For Seafarers

> STCW Advanced Fire Fighting Simulation

The software includes functionality in the following areas.

  • Navigation – vessel handling and communication.
  • Towage – vector tugs, tug handling, tow lines and including a variety of propulsion systems.
  • Naval and Coast Guard – tactical communications with morse code, signal flags and radio, ship control and navigation
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety System – communication scenarios for the General Operator and Restricted Operators Certificate.
  • Fishing – types include longlining, jiggling, pelagic trawling, and bottom trawling with an operational focus on fish schools, lines, booms, nets, winches, and emergencies.

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