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Positive and Negative Ventilation Demonstrations

Having difficulty adequately demonstrating Positive or Negative Pressure Ventilation with your current emergency procedure fire training environment? The flexible layout of our modular PPV Training System allows you to vary the floor plan and add additional floors to reflect an assortment of building fire scenarios often encountered.

Change the floor plan, use a variety of window and door positions to demonstrate how to create optimal ventilation. Running the inbuilt smoke generator allows fire fighting trainees to observe the air flow dynamics with the variety of set ups you create. Holes in the roof will show your trainees the air flow effects of major roof and ceiling damage. Sensible fan placement for positive and negative ventilation can be demonstrated and learnt whether at your fire training centre or visiting at a customer’s fire and emergency training facility.

The base unit provides a basement, ground floor, roof space and additional optional floors, with a variety of features, are easily added at any time.

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