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Challenge your firefighters to use correct strategies when responding to a hazardous situation.  The built-in multiple zone burner system below the tank, allows instructors to train firefighters with how to reduce the chance of a BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion).  These burners beneath the tank create a high-intensity fire that engulfs the tank, challenging firefighters to recognise the BLEVE danger and respond.  With a functioning vapour service valve, firefighters can practice approaching the tank, while shielded by hose lines to secure the fuel and extinguish the fire.

>Scenarios include

  1. Manual shut-off valve fire simulation which can be toggled to also simulate relief valve operation – this valve can be manually closed by a first responder aided by multiple protection lines operating.
  2. Multi-zone fire tray at the base of the vessel creates the risk of a BLEVE and triggers relief valve operation (as above) requiring multiple lines to cool vessel.
  3. A hinged dome valve cover over shut-off valve requires bolt cutter to access valve with protection lines running.
  4. An integrated crack in the tank allows chemical spill training that can be further enhanced with LION coloured fluids simulating various chemical spills and magnetized HazMat placards.

>Features include

  • Integrated burners
  • Working tank service valve
  • Working hinged dome with lock cutting prop
  • Integrated steel casters for moving prop
  • “Cracked Tank” hazard liquid HazMat spill feature
  • Quick connect fittings for ease of operation
  • Optional wireless remote operation

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