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The Rescue SmartDummy™ features a robust abrasion-resistant canvas, providing a balance of strength and flexibility in its construction. Enhancing its capabilities is the interactive sound-activated adjustable Call Voice Box, situated within the SmartDummy™ head. This facilitates effortless message recording during training sessions. Users can opt for continuous playback or activate it in response to sound cues.

The adjustable Call Voice Box allows the SmartDummy™ Rescue to simulate various scenarios, including coughing, calling for help, and guiding rescuers to locate additional victims. Tailor your training experience by recording scenarios that align with specific learning objectives.

Elevate the intensity of your training sessions with the SmartDummy™ Rescue Mannequin, immersing students in a lifelike environment. This training tool proves invaluable for creating authentic fire safety courses, encouraging students to practice vocalising calls for help and attentively listening for potential victims during search and rescue drills.

Features –

  • Optional weights of 24kg, 48kg or 80kg.
  • 180cm tall
  • Adjustable Call Voice Box
  • Add additional weight with a weighted vest

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