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Response Simulator

Response Simulator is an advanced virtual training platform for safety and security professionals.  Simple and easy to use creation tools enable users to develop detailed custom scenarios.  The highly flexible emergency training simulation system is ideal to train emergency responders such as firefighters, police, corrections, mines rescue, aviation rescue, security, and crisis management specialists.

VSTEP’s Response Simulator is highly suitable for aviation emergency response management exercises and similar drills.  Using RS emergency training simulation removes the dangers, costs and time associated with traditional preparedness and response training.  Multiple users can work together on the incident command management exercising individual leadership roles evaluating communications, trainee’s performance, and outcomes.

The 3-step process to world class training –


Create your scenario using a large and diverse range of environments and content.


Trainees are immersed in a detailed, 3D emergency scenario.

Trainees freely move, observe, then react by commanding response strategies.

Instructor modifies the scenario on the fly in response to trainee commands.


Debrief your training session.

Replay all actions and verbal communication to analyse and assess trainee performance.

  • Build situational awareness.
  • Practice critical incident decision making.
  • Build a common operational picture.
  • Teach effective use of resources.
  • Practice alternative response strategies.
  • Debrief and review exercises and actual events.

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