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SG1000 – Cordless smoke generator

Expand your fire training course capabilities to include scenarios in locations without a power supply.  Quickly add smoke to your training building, vehicle extraction training and remote locations.

This Battery operated smoke generator model weighs just 7.7kg and with a zero heat-up time, is the perfect portable tool to quickly create smoke in any location, with just the push of a button or with your iPhone/iPad. The rechargeable battery will allow 30mins of continuous smoke generation, much longer if used intermittently. Interchange with another battery in the field for uninterrupted training or connect to mains power.

The SG1000 connects wirelessly to our BullsEye or ATTACK Digital Fire Training Systems for hands-free smoke generation.  These systems will command the SG1000 when and how much smoke to produce depending on the stage of the firefight and when the fire is being effectively suppressed the SG1000 will produce a burst of smoke simulating steam.

Use in conjunction with our SmartDummy for victim extraction drills and search & rescue training. Maximum smoke output is 150m3/min


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