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Keep them safe when training

Our mission is to keep firefighters and instructors safe and healthy during training. To do this, we specially designed our smoke liquid so that it produces virtually no traces of toxins or harmful chemicals. You and your trainees can get the most from your training without all the health risks.

>Laboratory Tested

NIOSH (US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) in the United States issued a report detailing the risks of breathing in formaldehyde and diethylene glycol while using oil-based and glycol-based smoke liquid in firefighter training. Although NIOSH did not use any of our Smoke Generators in their testing, we always want to make sure we are on the cutting edge of safety. So, we commissioned an independent third-party to test our smoke to see how it compared.

As you can see in the graphic, our Smoke Generators were far below the exposure limits in all tests, and undetectable in many conditions. Rest assured that your firefighters can train using our generators and smoke liquid all day, without worrying about any devastating health effects.


By closely controlling the amount of smoke liquid delivered to the heaters and accurately balancing the heat transfer, we ensure a constant temperature is maintained – this process delivers the highest quality smoke with minimum un-vaporised particles. Higher efficiency equates to reduced operating costs – saving you money.

Regardless of the density of smoke required ALL of our smoke generators use the ONE competitively priced smoke fluid type.

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