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Rugged smoke machine

This robust and reliable smoke generator is built on a steel chassis with all-metal structural components – built-in handles allow it to be easily transported to various training locations within a facility. With smart control and an integrated tank, it is ready to generate continuous smoke for hours within 4-6 minutes.

>Electronic, wired and wireless control

Features include an electronic timer, option to select smoke density, quantity and duration and fault indicators on the display panel. Optional wired or wireless remote control and water-tight storage case.

>Dry smoke

Consistent temperatures keep the smoke from becoming “wet” and creating a residue. The dual-core heater creates endless quantities of dense, thick smoke for the most demanding and intense training scenarios such as search and rescue, ventilation or initial fire attack drills.

The SG4000 smoke machine wirelessly syncs with our other BullsEye or ATTACK Digital Fire Training Systems. Smoke production to ZERO visibility at 1 metre, the output is up to 630 m3/min and the smoke machine’s weight is 18.4kg.

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