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SG4000 Smoke Generator

The SG4000™ Smoke Generator is the most reliable smoke generator on the market. It can quickly fill a room with smoke with the push of a button thanks to its dual heating elements that ensure a fast warm-up time so you can spend more time training and less setting up. The special boost function doubles smoke output for a short time when needed which is especially useful at the start of a training to quickly fill a room or can be used to simulate steam and reduced visibility.

The SG4000™ Smoke Generator features a back-lit LCD screen to display system performance information and function menus. The high intensity backlight allows users to easily find and program the machine in heavy smoke conditions. The LCD display also indicates smoke liquid level and smoke output throughout the training session.

The SG4000™ Smoke Generator can also be delivered in a watertight case, for use in wet training environments.

Features –

  • Smoke production of 450m3/min (continuous) or 650m3/min (boosted)
  • Wired and/or wireless remote
  • Quick warm up time of 3-4mins
  • LCD display for performance information & controls
  • Fuel gauge
  • Adjustable smoke density
  • Set timers
  • One type of Smoke Liquid for all applications

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