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Having collaborated with fire services for over three decades, LION understands the need for firefighters to conduct interior attack training with carbonaceous fires.  CFBT critically provides firefighters with a comprehensive understanding of compartment fire dynamics and techniques to deal with them.

To address these environmental issues, LION began researching and designing over a decade ago.  This technology is now in its second generation, with improved outcomes and dramatically less gas consumption, these systems have been successfully installed and commissioned all over the world including in residential areas.

More recently again BullEx Australia introduced to our market, ‘off the shelf’ Carbonaceous Fire Training units (CFT/CFT [gas] Hybrid).  These self-contained 40’ containers can be equipped with our new 2nd generation Thermal Oxidizer called the Smoxidiser.  The Smoxidiser removes all visible smoke and 99.5% of all smoke borne toxins.

The system can be retrofitted to any building or carbonaceous CFBT training site and is house entirely in a 20 ft. shipping container.  The Smoxidiser effectively manages smoke bank-down levels and allows normal fire progression and growth to occur.

How it functions:

  1. During CFBT training, smoke produced by the fire is allowed to create the different phenomena specific to a compartment fire.  Hose line and other techniques are practised before the smoke is captured at the other end of the compartment in the after-burn ventilation system.
  2. The smoke is then fed into a vortex burner where it undergoes a second burn fuelled by propane gas.
  3. In this second burn the smoke is heated to 850C and broken into its individual components which allows it to be incinerated.
  4. As a result, the air emitted at the end of the process is remarkably clean, emitting 99.5% clean air.

Choosing  the Smoxidiser offers several advantages:

  • Smoxidiser allows you to conduct CFBT anywhere, even in the middle of suburbia.
  • No compromise on training outcomes or quality of the training environment.
  • No compromise on training realism, the experience remains the same.
  • No contaminated material from the Thermal Oxidisation process.
  • No environmental footprint.
  • Can be retrofitted to most existing CFBT sites.
  • Compatible with LIONs off the shelf, CFT and CFT Hybrid training units.
  • No smell – no toxins.

The Smoxidiser systems allow trainers to control the thickness and height of the smoke thermal layer, airflow, and combustion intensity by adjusting the ventilation speed and smoke extraction valves.

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