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Thermally Heated Rescue Manikin

Thermal Imaging Cameras are rapidly becoming standard tools for first responders, which is why it’s important that your trainees are prepared to effectively locate victims in an emergency situation. It’s hazardous to subject human volunteers to unsafe conditions during training – no longer is this necessary with the Thermal Manikin.  LION rescue mannequins are tough enough to meet the most rigorous training demands and smart enough to interact with the rescuers. They are weighted to feel like a real person and have intelligent features that make them move and even sound like a real person.  When an optional voicebox is added, the mannequin can call out for help and interact with rescuers.  Record custom messages, such as calls for help, groans or screams with a built-in microphone for continuous or sound-activated playback.

>Training Opportunities

  • Thermal Imaging Basics
  • Smoke-Filled Environments
  • Building Collapse
  • Confined Space
  • Cold Weather Scenarios
  • Indoor or Outdoor Training exercises
  • Remote-Area Searches


  • 30kg weighted padding for evenly distributed realistic movement
  • 180cm lifelike height
  • Built-in power supplies for remote training
  • Made with heavy-duty abrasion-resistant material for durability
  • Flexible design to permit joints at elbows, knees and waist

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