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Intelligent controls and a range of safety systems make the operation of each training evolution easy whilst ensuring the guaranteed safety of all participants. Training time will increase while downtime for resetting fires and cleaning decreases.


Real heat and smoke produce an experience close to real-life conditions. Your crew will be challenged as you guide them to prepare for the hazards ahead while actually in a safe environment. A forced air pilot module is the key feature allowing you to control the exercise, whilst interlocked safety systems back-up by monitoring temperature, fuel and atmosphere. Wired and wireless remote controls allow rapid and repeated scenario activation. Because the technology is so easy to stop and start many dozens of evolutions can be conducted daily. You will ensure the training outcomes are solidly absorbed. Gas fuelled fire props are certified to Australian/New Zealand Standards ensuring the natural gas or propane technology used is guaranteed safe and reliable.



Turn any environment into a training ground with our revolutionary digital fire technology. Train where live fire is not possible, in any workplace in the air, on land, on or under the sea. Over a decade of R&D has perfected true-to-life, self-generating digital flames in panels. The panels feature thermal sensors which detect the application of water extinguishers or any hose line. Infrared sensors also contained in the digital panels detect when a BullEx Australia laser extinguisher or laser hose line are directed at the digital fire. Together with onboard sound effects and Wi-Fi smoke generation, the dynamic reaction of the digital flames creates a true-to-life experience.

> Smart Class A

In this modern world of concern for the environmental impact caused by fire fighting training, the opportunity to conduct fire training with Class A materials is diminishing. Firefighters need to practice for all aspects of a fire emergency including the real enemies, heat and smoke. BullEx Australia, through Lion, provides a globally unique dual combustion technology using both gas and wood for your fire behaviour safety training without worrying about the environmental effects at your fire training academy. Your workplace health and safety ambitions will be satisfied whether your fire training ground is in an urban or industrial location.