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Intelligent controls and a range of safety systems make the operation of each training evolution easy whilst ensuring the guaranteed safety of all participants. Training time will increase while downtime for resetting fires and cleaning decreases.


Authentic heat and smoke generate an immersive experience closely mirroring real-life conditions. Leading your team through preparations for potential hazards becomes a genuine challenge within a secure environment. The pivotal feature is the forced air pilot module, providing you with control over the exercise, complemented by interlocked safety systems that monitor temperature, fuel, and atmosphere. With wired and wireless remote controls, you can swiftly and repeatedly activate scenarios. The technology’s user-friendly nature enables the execution of numerous evolutions daily, ensuring that training outcomes are thoroughly absorbed. Our gas-fueled fire props are certified to meet Australian/New Zealand Standards, assuring the safety and reliability of the natural gas or propane technology employed.


Transform any setting into a training arena with our revolutionary digital fire technology. Conduct training sessions in environments where live fire is impractical, whether in the air, on land, or beneath the sea. Over a decade of research and development has honed our ability to create lifelike, self-generating digital flames within either the ATTACK or BullsEye Panels. These panels are equipped with thermal sensors that respond to the application of water extinguishers or any hose line. Additionally, infrared sensors embedded in the digital panels detect the application of a BullEx Australia laser extinguisher or laser hose line. With onboard sound effects and Wi-Fi smoke generation, the dynamic response of the digital flames ensures an authentic training experience.


In today’s environmentally conscious era, the ability to engage in fire training involving Class A materials is decreasing. Firefighters must hone their skills for all facets of a fire emergency, facing the actual adversaries of heat and smoke. Lion, in collaboration with BullEx Australia, offer an unparalleled dual combustion technology globally, utilising both gas and wood for comprehensive fire behavior safety training. This innovative approach ensures that environmental concerns do not impede your fire training academy, allowing you to meet workplace health and safety goals, whether your training ground is situated in an urban or industrial setting.