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Aircraft Fire Training

What are your ARFF training outcomes?  Do you need a mobile aircraft fire training platform, or do you need to train cabin air crew?  Your students need to make the right strategic and tactical firefighting decisions so, the training environment design is vitally important.

Primary aircraft rescue firefighting varies from agency to agency and so do our fire fighting training props. Full size fuselage fires, fuel spill fires, hydraulic, brake and engine fires can be individual fire props or a part of a full-size replica of the most frequent aircraft landing at your facility, fixed wing or rotary. Mandatory cabin crew fire training delivered properly gives confidence and competence for aircraft crew to respond effectively to fires in entertainment equipment, seats, overhead storage lockers, toilets, galley and electronic componentry.

Extensive experience over 30 years has delivered custom-built wide-bodied aircraft, helicopters and a fighter jet, for breathing apparatus training, incipient stage fires for cabin crew, wing landing gear, hydraulic and fuel spill fires.

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