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GFT Aviation

The GFT Aviation is specifically designed to train the aviation industry. Boasting 5 separate live fire props and smoke generation all built into this 40’ high cube shipping container, creating dozens of different and realistic emergency response training scenarios specific to the airline industry.

In the event of a flight emergency, it is important for airline staff to act as fast as possible to extinguish before the fire grows into an uncontrollable situation. From bed to night stand fires, galley to seat fires, this challenging multipurpose unit helps flight crew members to be quick on their feet in case of a real emergency.

Training applications –

  • Extinguisher Training
  • Handheld hose reel training
  • Search & Rescue
  • Procedure training
  • Plus many many more

Link to GFT Aviation on pages 32-33

GFT Aviation Fire Simulators –

  1. Overhead locker fire,
  2. Seat fire,
  3. Toilet fire,
  4. Galley Fire
  5. Bed fire (optional)

Plus an SG4000 Smoke Generator

Integrated Safety Features

  • Emergency stop system (E-stops)
  • Thermocouples for temperature detection
  • Gas Detection System
  • Audible-Visual Alarm