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GFT Naval

Specialised strategies are essential for combating fires on ships, distinct from conventional structural firefighting techniques. The presence of factors such as fatigue, radiation heat, and Hazardous Materials (HazMat) in ship environments, whether in harbors or on open seas, underscores the unique nature of ship firefighting as a distinct profession.

Consequently, individuals involved in firefighting and ship crew members need specific training beyond their standard education. The LION CustomDesign GFT Naval Training Unit facilitates comprehensive training for crews, enabling them to attain certifications, such as compliance with STCW legislation. This training equips your ships crew to function within onshore-based firefighting skills&  prepares them for a real life fire on board a vessel.

Training applications –

  • (STCW) basic & advanced firefighter training
  • Fire hose handling and advancement techniques
  • Top-down entry
  • Boundary cooling
  • Search and rescue
  • Ship door/hatch opening procedures
  • Ventilation training
  • Engine room fire (use of foam)
  • Tactical procedure training
  • Thermal imaging camera (tic) training
  • Offensive/defensive inside/outside+ attack

Link to GFT Naval Catalogue on pages 38-39

GFT Naval Simulators –

  1. Engine Simulator
  2. Galley Simulator
  3. Floor Fire Simulator
  4. Power Generator Simulator
  5. Smoke Generator

Integrated Safety Features

  • Emergency stop system (E-stops)
  • Thermocouples for temperature detection
  • Gas Detection System
  • Audible-Visual Alarm