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Your ability to deliver training to prevent and fight fires on board a vessel for courses issued by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) such as,

  • Certificate of Safety Training (CoST)
  • Standards of Training and Certification for Watchkeepers (STCW)

require specialist input from BullEx Australia to ensure you provide an experience that will meet the training outcomes.

BullEx Australia have the ability to provide Off the shelf and Custom built Marine training structures to help you meet the requirements of the above standards.

Access to the seat of fire can be extremely difficult because a ship fire can be located in areas difficult to reach.  Command and control of marine fire fighters during a maritime fire emergency will be just as challenging. Having a facility that can incorporate as many training outcomes as possible will provide you a greater return on your investment.  Options are customisible and can include marine safety training in a fixed structure, mobile platform, container or stand alone prop.  Incorporating smoke generation, sound effects, and visual and audio recording of participants undertaking fire prevention and fire fighting drills provides a valuable debrief of skills learnt.

For example the following videos show vessel structures, on land, for damage control, fire and rescue shipboard safety training: