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Experienced Fire Training Structure Designers

BullEx Australia in company with LION, is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of hot fire and digital fire training structure systems and props. The design of our training facilities, their operating systems, functionality, and features are entirely based on cost-effective, outcome-based, state-wide training solutions for each client.


The initial phase of any project involves collecting pertinent data from key stakeholders within the organisation, as well as other users and regulatory bodies like the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. It is crucial to pinpoint critical training objectives, shortcomings in existing training methodologies, and the potential implications of legislative or regulatory alterations, especially if there is a possibility of resuming commercial training on the site in the future.

This data collection should encompass the identification of real-world scenarios where the client may need to apply specific skills in an actual emergency response situation. These scenarios, or their critical components, should be assessed for potential inclusion in the final design, with a key focus on aligning them with current training technology and techniques available.

>Practical Learning Area Design

We input the information gathered into a matrix and match identified outcomes with simulated elements of the client’s response environments, proposed burn room designs and props. This matrix will help identify individual components in the final design and site plan of the Practical Learning Environment (PLE).

The matrix model approach allows the organisation to easily quantify budget estimates, build a business case, stage construction and identify aspects of the site which should be prioritized. Each training environment (room or prop) should deliver a minimum of four individual training outcomes.


Live fire simulation includes; emergency shut-off buttons, gas sensors, ventilation system, camera monitoring, integrated temperature control sensors, emergency shutdown, non-slip floor and access plates, evacuation lights and SCADA, compliant with all Australian Standards.

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