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What are the basic principles of forced entry? The Victorian Country Fire Authority Australia has recently received from LION + BullEx Australia a kitchen fire training containerised pod. Uniquely this pod has a LION Integrated Forcible Entry Door to teach the basic principles of forced entry. This steel prop is designed for repeated forced building entry technique training and can be mounted as an external or internal door or as a stand-alone unit. Door-forcing techniques include using a battering ram, Halligan type tool, hinge cutting, padlock, and lock cuts.

The old saying “Try before you pry” is highly recommended to eliminate any embarrassment!  Mechanical door breaching is an indispensable skill that requires regular practice.  Having the right tools for forcing entry to premises is only part of the solution.  Firefighters, police, and soldiers need to repeatedly practice the numerous basic principles of forced entry to ensure they are proficient for the next emergency call.

Having a door prop for forced entry skills maintenance at your training facility is vital. Practicing forcible entry techniques under increasingly realistic conditions should allow you to hone your skills. In the beginning just learn to pound, puncture, pry, twist and cut with a Halligan tool on your forced entry door prop. Learn how to force the door in as many ways as possible.  When you’ve developed that skill, add smoke and other pressures like wearing your full turn out gear and breathing apparatus. The harder you train the easier it is in real life.  Remember slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

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