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Up at 35,000 feet air crew have to be the best firefighters around, but on the ground there are highly trained Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting experts.  In Australia Airservices Australia operates with 900 specialist firefighters at 27 major airports.  Major airport corporations in New Zealand operate fire, rescue and medical response.  So, what happens if a fire starts on a plane?  When on the ground airport firefighters with their specialist skills and equipment rapidly attend to save the lives of commuters and air crew.  To maintain the highest standards of contemporary fire training the Auckland Airport Emergency Services have this month upgraded with a LION car fire, and pressure vessel fire training props.  BullEx Australia personnel attended to commission the equipment and train Auckland Airport fire instructors.  BullEx Australia and LION provide world leading aviation fire training solutions.  See our YouTube library and contact us for more information.

Petrol station car fire training at Auckland Airport

New Zealand Auckland Airport pressure vessel fire training

Advancing fire hose lines on car fire at Auckland Airport NZ

Auckland Airport Fire Instructors