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Manufactured with strong abrasion-resistant canvas that is both sturdy and flexible.

The removable, interactive voice box inside the manikin, listens for their rescuer and when sound activity is detected, calls out for help.  Record sound effects or speech, and choose continuous or sound-activated playback. Rescue manikins can continuously call for help or scream challenging responders to stay calm in stressful situations.
Train responders to call out and listen for victims with the sound-activated response.

Heighten the anxiety for your students with the realism of our Smart Dummy Rescue Mannequin.  Use this training tool to create a realistic fire safety course for your students, ensuring they practice calling out and listen for potential victims during the search and rescue drills.

>Training Opportunities

Create a Medical Emergency Training scenario with triage and extrication skills of severely injured patients from motor vehicle or industrial workplace accidents.

The BullEx Australia LION rescue dummy, together with the BullsEye digital fire training system, could create a low voltage rescue scenario involving a small electrical fire.

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